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Category: Noodle

27 November

A lot of people enjoy eating Khmer noodles as much they like taking for evening stroll. In that case, sitting down for dinner in Phnom Penh may feel as comfortable as slipping on a pair of walking shoes. Noodles are best when served fresh. Traditional noodles can be eaten with Samlor Khmer (Khmer soup), Samlor […]

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03 March

INGREDIENT 2 kg Khmer rice noodle 400 g fresh fish 1 tbsp Khmer Prahok 1 cup coconut cream 2 cup coconut milk ½ cup roasted peanuts , pound coarsely ( optional ) 3 cups water 1 tbsp sugar 1 tbsp salt RECIPES  3 tbsp lemon grass leaf , sliced finely 5 garlic clove , cut […]

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