Ginger: 10 good reasons to eat more ginger!

Ginger: 10 good reasons to eat more ginger!

Do we really know what ginger is? What are the properties of this fortifying tuber? We’ll explain it all to you.

What is ginger?

What is called ginger is actually part of the rhizome of this tropical aromatic plant that is cultivated in Southeast Asia. The root is used either whole or as a spice in powder form.

Ginger is not only a cooking spice, it has also been a medicinal plant for centuries in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine (Ayurveda). It has been used in Europe since the 16th century.

How to store ginger

The preservation of ginger begins with the purchase of the ginger tuber. It must be fresh and have a firm consistency.

For storage, we advise you to keep your ginger (uncut) in a dark place and in a cool place. If it is cut, you can wrap it in washable cling film or a glass container.

The benefits of ginger

The virtues of ginger have been known for thousands of years. This magical turmeric helps against motion sickness, aids digestion but also has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that make it one of the most effective remedies against colds.

Are you still sceptical about the benefits of ginger on your health? We’ve given you an update on the benefits of ginger and its virtues. Here are 10 good reasons to use ginger a little more often than usual!

10 good reasons to eat more ginger

The nutritional values of ginger

The ginger tuber is a real energy concentrate thanks to its numerous micronutrients. In 100 g of ginger you will find, among other things, 5 mg of vitamin C, 43 mg of magnesium, 16 mg of calcium and 415 mg of potassium, in addition to 1.8 g of protein and 2 g of fibre.

The effectiveness of ginger against colds

If your throat itches and your nose runs, think of ginger! Whether in a tea, smoothie or even pure, its vitamin C ensures that your immune system works properly.

Ginger water

To preserve your health, you can also drink ginger. Simply cut the ginger into small pieces and put it in hot water and let it infuse. With this 100% natural infusion, you have the perfect drink to boost your strength and your immune system.

Tip: If your ginger is organic, don’t remove the peel as this is where most of the minerals are found.

Ginger for your muscles

Ginger is rich in potassium. We sometimes underestimate the importance of minerals. This is a mistake, because potassium, for example, ensures the proper functioning of muscles and the nervous system.

And for your teeth!

Did you know that? Ginger has healing properties for your teeth and gums, thanks to the magnesium it contains.

Ginger recharges your batteries

The vitamin C in ginger helps reduce fatigue and tiredness. We can only advise you to eat it on short, cold winter days!

A good cup of tea is always nice to relax after a hard day. Pour yourself a nice cup of lemon and ginger tea and enjoy the benefits. Add a few fresh ingredients such as mint if possible.

Ginger as a slimming asset

The strong taste of ginger gives a boost to the blood circulation. The thermogenesis is stimulated and your body burns off excess calories.

Ginger to aid digestion

If you have a weak stomach, ginger tea, thanks to its digestive virtues, will help you get through a heavy meal.

An ideal spice for your fitness kitchen

Of course, ginger is delicious. Its strong yet mild aroma gives your dishes a unique touch. And in smoothies or juices, it also has its place.

Ginger in the kitchen: our favourite recipes

Ginger Shots

Ingredients for 7 ginger shots:

  • 120 of organic ginger
  • 2 small apples
  • 3 lemons
  • honey

Wash the apples and ginger in warm water. Cut into small pieces. Keep the skin of the ginger, as it contains a lot of nutrients as well. Mix everything together and add the lemon juice. Once your juice is ready, you can add honey as you like. Store this drink in an airtight container and keep it in the fridge. Your super boost drink is now ready! It will keep for about 1 week.

Asian-style pan-fried vegetables

From stir-fried vegetables in a salad, this delicious dish is ready in a jiffy and just as quickly eaten.

Clear noodle salad with smoked tofu

Another salad, one of our favorites of Asian cuisine. With ginger and crispy smoked tofu, here’s a portion of originality on your plate!

Carrot and Ginger Soup

A creamy carrot and ginger soup will warm up your winter evenings, especially with some coconut chips.

Lemon water with ginger

Need some refreshment? Then why not quench your thirst with ginger lemon water? The minerals in the ginger are perfectly diffused in the water and the fresh taste of lemon adds a sparkling touch.

Ginger: our conclusion

Ginger is a bulb that is used as an herb but is also known as a healing plant in Chinese and Indian medicine. Over time, it has made its way into our kitchens. In these days of extreme cold, its spicy taste is particularly appreciated. Its minerals are valuable assets to strengthen your immune system and are ideally diffused in a glass of water or a cup of tea.