Khmer Ingredient


 The website is the result of ever increasing demand and popularity

for cooking dishes . It contain the deference Khmer dishes and delicious menu . I have found out a variety of Khmer foods from simple recipes to special one .

Cambodia is a country with 14 million population , hundred per cent of people eating rice , and it is a staple food and it plays a fundamental role in the live of the Khmer people . Please enjoy and try your hand at any of Cambodian these dishes and explore new taste .


The first  you must to know measurement to use in this website .

  • ¼ Cup  =  60  ml
  • ½ Cup  =  125  ml
  • 1  Cup  =  250  ml
  • 2 Cup  =  500  ml
  • 4 Cup  =  1  Liter
  • 1 tsp    =  1 teaspoon   = 5 ml
  • 1 tbsp  = 1 tablespoon  = 10 ml
  • 1 Cup uncooked rice   = 200 g
  • 1 Cup grated coconut  = 100 g
  • 1 Cup peanut = 120 g
  • 1 Cup breadcrumbs = 60 g
  • 1 Cup sugar


I have observed . there are 3 colors in the Khmer according to there key herbs combination .

 The Khmer Green Recipes 

We use lemon grass leaf to make a green Khmer recipes which is found in Khmer Noodle .

   Lemon Grass Leaf

Galangal   Galangal

Rhizome  Rhizome

Turmeric  Turmeric

Garlic  Garlic

The Khmer Yellow Recipes 

We use lemon grass stalk to make a Khmer yellow recipes by adding turmeric a bit over then other to get color and flavor which is used in Khmer Foods (Samla M’chou Kroeng)

Lemon-grass-stalk  Lemon grass stalk

Galangal  Galangal

Turmeric  Turmeric

Garlic  Garlic

Shallot Shallot

The Khmer Red Recipes 

Fried dried red chilies , we use dried red chilies , it is made the with red color , and it is always soaked , drained and chopped finely into a paste before adding to the recipes . It’s found in Khmer Curry soup .

dried-red-chillies  Dried red chillies

Lemon-grass-stalk  Lemon grass stalk

Galangal  Galangal

Turmeric  Turmeric

Garlic  Garlic

Shallot Shallot

Khmer Herbs (Chi)

The are many different kind of Khmer herbs , different smell and also different of using . Basil , saw mint and spring onion generally using for soup . Like sour lobster soup with herbs or sour fish soup with herbs .

Basil  Basil (Chi Nang  Vorng )

Holly-Basil  Holly-Basil (Chi M’rash Prov)

Khmer-Herb-(-Chi-Khmer-) Khmer-Herb (Chi Ma Hor)

Khmer-Herb-(-Chi-Ta-phou) Khmer Herb (Chi Ta Phou )

Limnophila-aromatica-(-M'om-Khmer-) Limnophila Aromatica(M’om Khmer)

Mint Mint (Chi Ang Kam)

Parsley Parsley

saw-mint Saw mint

spring onion Spring Onion

Khmer Prahok 

Prahok is a core ingredient to make some Khmer soup . It is always needed Prahok to extract flavor . Prahok is product every year as an important foods for Cambodian people . Because it can be stored for a year . Prahok is divided into two kinds , that is meaty Prahok called as Prahok Sach Triey and bone Prahok called as Prahok chhoeng.

Prahok Sach Triey can be served directly with fresh vegetable , by steaming or grill . Prahok chhoeng is generally use for cooking soup .

Khmer prahok


Fish Sauce 

Fish Sauce is also reserved foods , closely used to cook and for something to dip directly to eat as found in many Khmer restaurant in Cambodia , served fish in a small bowl on the table before an ordered menu coming .

fish sauce


Shrimp Past ( Khmer Kapi )

Kapi are made from shrimp , first the small shrimp are thoroughly cleaned and drained . Sprinkle salt on it and blend well , to be sure the shrimp mixture are well blended . Le it sit overnight .

In the morning bring it to pound to smooth consistency , then spread onto thin circle to dry in the sun for one day . Next day they are then collected and pound again to further firm up their mixture . They are found and dried in the sun a few days , while salt can be added a little more , like that the past should be thick . Finally , they are stored in an air-tight jar . The past can be kept for  3-4 months .

shrimp past


Khmer Smoked Fish 

Smoked Fish  is a kind of assent food for Cambodian people who living in rural area , far awaysfrom market , it also play an important role in cooking , is not only in family kitchen but also from a big restaurant in the capital to a small one ,

Smoked Fish is mad from a variety of fish . The biggest and most expensive is made from Trei Keh (Khmer Fish ) , while the small ones are made using fish Trei Ang Deng (Khmer Fish) . The off . Then use a strong bamboo skewer to pierce through the head . It is then wrapped in banana leaf and smoked over a very low coconut husk fire to brown the fish and slowly cook it , After it is well done , bring it to dry in the sun for 1-2 day and then smoke again . The process is repeated for several day or a well until it is completely dried and crispy .

Smoke fish can be keep for month , often hung on the kitchen wall for family who living country-side and for the other stored in the refrigerator .

The Khmer family use Smoked Fish to make a soup or make a Khmer salad by pounding and mix well with fresh vegetable .

Smoked Fish


Dried Shrimp 

Dried shrimp is used as a base ingredient for cooking soup without the Khmer Kroeung , and make a Khmer salad .

Besides , it is mixed with spring onion stalk pickle as an appetizer dish to enjoy with beer also .

Dried shrimp is made by first boiling the shrimp in salted until they are well done , then drying them in the sun for a few days . This should be enough time for them to become half-dry . They are then wrapped in a cloth and pound to remove the shells , after which they are separated from their shells . Finally , the shrimp are returned to the sun finish drying .

dried shrimp khmer


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