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mapMarkerGrey Borey Bokor, Krong Kampot, Cam...

Mittapheap Hotel Kampot

Mittapheap Hotel and Restaurant

mapMarkerGrey Mittapheap Hotel and Restauran...

Kampot Diamond Hotel

Kampot Diamond Hotel

mapMarkerGrey Kampot Diamond Hotel, Krong Ka...

Sokha Thansur Resort Kampot

Sokha Thansur Resort

mapMarkerGrey Sokha Thansur Resort, Kaoh Tou...

Elephant’s Dream Guest House

Elephant's Dream Guest House

mapMarkerGrey Elephant's Dream Guesthouse, K...

Bamboo Bungalow Kampot

Bamboo Bungalow

mapMarkerGrey Bamboo Bungalow, Krong Kampot,...

Good Morning Kampot Guesthouse

Good Morning Kampot Guesthouse

mapMarkerGrey Good Morning kampot, Kampong B...

Karma Traders Kampot

Karma Traders Kampot

mapMarkerGrey Karma Traders Kampot, Kampong ...

Makk Hotel Kampot

Makk Hotel

mapMarkerGrey Makk Hotel, Krong Kampot, Camb...

Kool Kampot Hotel

Kool Kampot

mapMarkerGrey Kool Kampot Hotel, Krong Kampo...